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Come in today and get a FREE full medical consultation to see if electrolysis is right for you.

Why waste time and money? Try the only proven permanent method of hair removal today.

Are you tired of shaving or waxing the same spot over and over again? Do you wish that you didn't have to worry about unwanted hair? Try electrolysis treatment. It's chemical free and recognized as the only proven permanent method of hair removal. You won't ever have to worry about stray hairs again.


Electrolysis works for all types of skin and all types of hair. Whether you want to be more comfortable in your skin or you're just frustrated with the constant cycle of trimming and regrowing, we can help you today.

Why is electrolysis better than laser hair removal?

  • Electrolysis is less expensive than laser hair removal.

  • Electrolysis is recommended by doctors.

  • Laser hair removal doesn't work with all skin colors, but electrolysis does.

  • Laser hair removal only works on dark hair while electrolysis works on blonde, red, and white hair.

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